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We all know that water is the solvent for cleaning when you wash clothes at home. But the problem is most of the fabrics do not handle the water well. For example, water and wool do not mix properly. Apart from that, there are many stains that water is not good at removing. When we hear the word dry cleaning, it is misleading, meaning that it is not dry in reality. Dry cleaning has chemical solvents that help remove the dirt and grease and eliminate the stains. In the early dry cleaning days, people used kerosene and gasoline but later, they started using Perchloroethylene or PERC, etc. 

There are many drycleaners in Wollongong, but people choose the one who has a good reputation. Most of them offer many services, and this thing gives people the confidence that the clothes will look neat and clean. Moreover, they know that the clothes will also look professional and last longer. However, before getting into the details of dry cleaners, we must know about dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is the process that will not shrink, distort or fade any of your expensive clothing items. Therefore, the overall process will remove the dirt, grease, and stains in the best possible manner. 

5 Best Reasons to Use Dry Cleaners:

If you put the fabric in the washing machine, you might notice it either falls apart or loses shape. Hence, dry cleaning the clothes is the best option as there is no use of soap that can alter the fabrics. Similarly, it does not use the spin cycle that can fade or stretch any clothes. Most clothes need extra care, and dry cleaning is the best choice. Thus, some of these clothes are blazers, neckties, and materials like acrylic and cashmere. 

Below are the top five reasons to use dry cleaners in Wollongong.

  1. Removal of Odors and Stains:

Some people use home remedies for their clothes to remove stains and odors. But the fact is that they do this at the cost of damaging their expensive clothes. On the other hand, intelligent people use the services of professional dry cleaners as they quickly remove the stains and clinging odors from the garments. Therefore, never throw your clothes and take them to the dry cleaner. Frequent cleaning also removes stains but needs care because they could oxidize and cause yellowing if left untreated. 

  1. Knowledge and Expertise of the Fabric:

Many kinds of fabrics are available in the market, and good dry cleaners are the ones that know all about them. Hence, some fabrics are wool or polyester, angora, rayon, etc. Dry cleaners know about the fabrics and are aware of a different fashion. Thus, they possess knowledge and expertise about different pieces of clothing. The best dry cleaners are interested in different fabrics and know-how to dry-clean them. 

  1. Restoration:  

Another excellent reason for using dry cleaners is that they are experts in restoring old wedding gowns, heirloom items, and antique textiles. However, these items need extra care as they are very soft and delicate. Cleaners who specialize in restoration have the expertise and skills to take different items, although the restoration level depends on particular conditions when the person brings them. A cleaner can quickly restore a bride’s wedding gown that a bride-to-be’s grandmother originally wore, and it was well enough that the bride could wear it at her wedding.

  1. Wet Cleaning:

The term wet cleaning is quite prevalent that cleaners use. It is a very gentle form of cleaning to process sensitive fabrics such as silk, rayon, wool, linen, etc. However, the best thing about wet cleaning is that it gives the dry cleaners more flexibility in processing items. For instance, a wedding gown trimmed with plastic beads or sequins may dissolve or discolor in dry cleaning. On the contrary, wedding gowns perform well in wet cleaning. Items with large water-soluble stains also clean well in a wet cleaning process.

  1. Convenience:

Convenience is the primary reason that people go for dry cleaners. People prefer to use dry cleaners in Wollongong because they find them easy to use and convenient. They have to drop the clothes off at the dry cleaner’s shop and pick them up when they are ready. The best thing about dry cleaners in Wollongong is that they give the best service at the most affordable cost. High-quality cleaners will always make sure that the clothes they are giving you after the dry cleaning service must meet your expectation. 

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